My husband is the one that got me started with Athlean x. He has been doing it for several years now and has totally changed his body. If I may say, he looks damn good, and he is in his early 50’s. The workouts ARE very challenging but they do work. If you are too out of shape to do them correctly, modify them. If there is something you see in these videos that you don’t know how to do correctly, or he talks about hand placement, go to youtube and search his site after all that is where I got all these videos.

I do not make one dime from sharing these videos with you. In fact, I recommend that you go to Athlean x website and become a member and get full access to all the great thing that Jeff does.

Please as with any workout or diet plan, seek advise from your doctor and never do something if you have pain or that causes you to have pain. You do these workouts at your own risk!

Measurements Sheet

Body measurement chart

Body measurement chart

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