As you can tell I love Athlean xx for women. I have done the workouts and even though I am to out of shape to do them correctly, I do them and modify them. These workouts are geared towards women and are not supposed to make you look bulky, just a beautifully sculpted toned body

Please as with any workout or diet plan, seek advise from your doctor and never do something if you have pain or that causes you to have pain. You do these workouts at your own risk!

I do not make any money from sharing these videos with you! In fact I would encourage you to go to the Athlean X site and just join. I believe it is a lifetime membership for one price. I did it..I think it is like $80 dollars. I am NOT an affiliate. I have just done the workouts and seen the results. I just hurt my knee and could not keep doing it. I have started it again though.

Measurements Sheet

Body measurement chart

Body measurement chart

Here are some other workouts I found that I like. The stability ball is a great exercise because your core is engaged at all times.

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