Erythritol—is one of the only sugar alcohols considered safe for most of us. But there are some people that cannot use erythritol for various reasons. It is recommended that you try a pure form of it. It’s less sweet than sugar, so when you’re baking with it, you will need to adjust the recipe to make it to your liking. One thing some people don’t like about erythritol is that it has a cooling or minty aftertaste. This can be remedied if you combine erythritol with another sweetener like xylitol, stevia, or liquid sucralose.
Swerve is very popular in the low carb way of life and in low carb meals. It is pure erythritol. I found that it less expensive to buy a generic brand name on Amazon than to buy the brand name Swerve. Sukrin also makes a pure erythritol called Sukrin, also there is a Sukrin :1 which is a blend of erythritol AND stevia and has virtually no aftertaste, also Sukrin + which is a stevia and erythritol blend that has a higher ratio of stevia to erythritol. Because it is so sweet, you use less of the product in your low carb meals. Their Sukrin gold (brown sugar sub) is also an erythritol and stevia blend.
Xylitol which is also a sugar alcohol has a great taste and works well in baked goods and leaves no aftertaste. One drawback to this product is that it is toxic to pets. It can be made from either birch or corn. Xyla is a very well know product but If you use it, be sure to buy a brand that gets zylitol from birch and not from corn.
Stevia is a very good natural, plant-based sweetener, It generally does not impact blood glucose and it’s extremely sweet. You will find a high degree of differences in the taste and potency (sweetness) among brands and forms. It can have a bitter aftertaste, which you can avoid by blending it with other sweeteners. You can avoid that bitter aftertaste if stay away from products that have stevia Rebaudiana. Look for the pure form that is 90% steviosides. For the pure brands, there are generics on Amazon. You will need very little of this product as it is EXTREMELY sweet. There is also Sukrin + is a stevia blend with more Stevia than erythritol.
Liquid or pure sucralose has an awesome taste that is 600 times sweeter than sugar and no impact on blood Glucose. On the down side is it doesn’t provide the “bulk” to baked goods, but you can combine it with erythritol for bulk.
With all the information out there, using these products, and talking to thousands of others that do low carb is that these products will have different effects on each one of us. Watch your blood glucose and look for signs that your blood sugar may be affected by one product or the other.