Well I am at -30 pounds! YAY! My first goal is to lose 50 pounds by our July vacation. I have had some struggles, I quit losing for a period of time, then lost a few, then up then down…. I started drinking bullet proof coffee and seemed to quit losing then after a conversation with a friend on Facebook Zoe, who reminded me that stuff has a lot of calories “I would only drink those if I was an elite athlete” she said. So I reset my macros and started tracking. My first mistake was listening to a woman that said you don’t need to track your calories. She said we need to learn to listen to our bodies. I realized not tracking was not going to work for me. I am glad she can do it without counting calories, but as with other things in this WOE one size does not fit all and if you hear something, you should consider all factors in the information you are given. She had a gastric bypass several years ago. She did gain it all back and to be honest, I don’t know how that affects the calorie consumption and the feeling of fullness for a bypass patient. I do know several people that have had the gastric bypass and they get “dumping syndrome” What you eat goes right through you. That could play into her ability to not track. I really do not know.

I have been going to the gym with Jim and I have been doing the Athlean xx workouts in the woman’s beginners workout section of my blog. I love it. The workouts are not very strenuous but they are effective. I feel the workout in my arms and legs for a few days after. That could be a factor in the loss. I quit doing cardio all together. I will start walking when the weather gets nice though. If you workout or are thinking about starting, I highly recommend these videos. What is great about them is that you can do them at home with very little investment. All you need is some free weights or dumb bells and some resistance bands maybe an aerobic step and a workout ball.

I slowed down my intake of water. I learned that if you drink a lot of water you dilute your urine and your body of vital nutrients it needs. You drink so much water you are literally peeing them out along with electrolytes. I am trying to remember to take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar before each meal. I take 3 fish oil pills per day and I try to remember to take 4 Potassium pills a day.

I don’t know if we just have to go through these struggles and figure out what works for you. But what I do know is that even when something works for someone, that does not mean it will work for you. If you are not losing, change things up. Sometimes it is the sugars, sometimes the dairy. But don’t be taken in by ONE persons success story and think just because it worked for her and she thinks everyone should do it her way, that its the correct way.

Well thats all for today. I have seen a good amount of progress in the past few weeks and hope that it will continue.