Deviled eggs with bacon

These are hands down the best hard boiled eggs I have ever had! They are a low carber’s dream! Everything we love and nothing we don’t. Bacon, eggs and cream cheese. I made 18 eggs in the video and served them on Easter Sunday 2016. They were all gone within a few hours. I am … [Read more…]

Low Carb Strawberry Pretzel Salad

This was my very first successful dessert, I made it for Easter 2016. I had tried a different dessert when I first started in February but that was a total flop! I made a cream cheese brownie and WOW was it bad. Of course I know a lot more now than I did 2 months … [Read more…]

April Progress report

Well I am at -30 pounds! YAY! My first goal is to lose 50 pounds by our July vacation. I have had some struggles, I quit losing for a period of time, then lost a few, then up then down…. I started drinking bullet proof coffee and seemed to quit losing then after a conversation … [Read more…]

The Up’s and Downs of Sugar Substitutes

Erythritol—is one of the only sugar alcohols considered safe for most of us. But there are some people that cannot use erythritol for various reasons. It is recommended that you try a pure form of it. It’s less sweet than sugar, so when you’re baking with it, you will need to adjust the recipe to … [Read more…]